Lost and Found

Deliver a Crate and
A boy, What do you mean a boy

Ari Talon Mo ? Osa Octavian
xp 40, campaign 120

A few simple deliveries, a few simple jobs and money was looking good. At least until the engine blew, well their goes the rest of our money… The good news is we have enough to fix the ship and Ascii is close with plenty of ship yards to fix our ship.

Well it will be a few days to fix the ship, while the rest of the crew stays to supervise the repairs Ari, Mo, and Osa decide it is time to make a few bucks. Ari was able to find out that Kraken had a simple delivery that he needed done. Just guard the box out to nook point hand it off to my men and I will pay you well.

Something seems important 6 of Padros men attempted to kill us and steal the box not sure what is so important about that box.. Is that thumping well yes it is.. Lets get paid and the box is safely delivered to Krakens men.

As we pulled away looking back they see bound 7 year old boy being removed from the box. Looking into it the party finds out it much be Lenden Millien the son of the Imperail Agent on the planet who was kidnapped yesterday. Currently his father is offering a 500,000 reward for information leading to the return of his son.

Ore Cart
Pick some ore, check out a mine how hard can it be

Ari Talon IG38 IGO Ni’Al Ca’nak Mo ? Osa Octavian

40xp total 80Xp

Hm, does the ship have fuel, wow shouldn’t that panel have bolt to keep it closed, while a ship has been optained. It really needs some work.

Gavos the Hutt has some work that needs to be done, ore to be picked up and some property inspected. How hard can it be and well I don’t see any other way to fix the ship.

Visit the Mine on Yardos bring back some ore and let Gavos know the condition of the work site.

Wow, did Gavos old henchmen just beat up his new henchmen, all well not our problem.

Ca’nak is found to have snuck onto the ship a former slave… Maybe we should just return her to Gavos or not Slavery is just wrong…. Wait what do you mean IGO she is crew.. Looks like her parents were part of the last crew of the ship.

And the mine, well other than being nearly used up, in the midst of a Droid uprising and a complete collapse of atmospheric integrity the mine is perfect.

A Ship, Lets Take a Ship
First Game

Ari Talon IG38 IGO Ni’Al Mo ? Osa Octavian

40xp total xp 40

IGO after much searching discovers the location of the ship, the ship that he was assigned to guard and protect its crew, the only problem is that getting to the ship will be difficult and he has not crew to aid him.

After much searching IGO finds 4 outstanding citizens err desperate people who for the chance to get off this planet are willing to help him steal a starship.

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